Thursday, 15 December 2011


I do my best to provide my readers with important information that I feel should not escape their attention. Once in a great while, something so earth-shattering and vital comes along that I must simply demand all of you take notice immediately. With that, I instruct you all to listen closely: says "Italian film idol Raoul Bova, who starred in Gap's 'Tempted' ads last fall, reappears in the new men's ad. The spot is set to 'I'm Free,' which is performed by the Soup Dragons, and highlights Gap's Stress Free khakis and shirts, a new collection of spill-, stain- and wrinkle-resistant clothing for men."

Oh yes, he's back, ladies and gentlemen. And he's just as fine as ever. In case you haven't already caught the new commercial and drooled over him to the point of dehydration, as I have, you can watch it online here.

And if you're looking to meet him in person, you can find him just to the right of me in my bed at night (with Jude to my left...they get along so well).

So happy to provide this public service to all of you, my loyal and faithful readers. Now, grab a bottle of water (or a bottle of lube, if need be) and enjoy.

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