Thursday, 15 December 2011

Funny situation

Last week, I received the last bills for utilities and services at my old apartment. Most of the invoices were for minimal amounts, as I had closed the accounts at the very beginning of the billing cycle. I was confused, however, when I received a full month's invoice from Time Warner Cable.

I was relieved when I called Customer Service and was told that the paper invoice was issued before the disconnection was fully processed, and there was in fact a credit balance on my account due to overpayment in January. Since Time Warner's practice in dealing with residential moves is to close the old account and create a new one, I asked if the credit balance could be transferred to my current account.

"I wish that I could, sir. It doesn't quite make sense, but it is Time Warner's policy to mail you a refund check, and it will take six to eight weeks," the good-natured rep informed me.

"Well, that is kind of stupid, but hey, I'm still getting money back, so no biggie," I said happily. "How much of a credit do I have?"

"That would be a whopping $1.32, sir."

"Wow. It's almost as if I've struck oil."

"Yes sir. Just be sure not to spend it all in one place. Thank you for calling Time Warner cable."

So in six to eight weeks, I'll be a $1.32 richer. Who wants a sugar daddy?

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