Thursday, 15 December 2011

Broken gym membership

Well, I did it. I broke in my gym membership. Not at all in the mood for a trip through the slush and sleet, K. and I braved the elements and headed up to the gym together. I had decided to do twenty minutes on the elliptical machine to break myself in to a new routine. Grumpy as all hell, I donned my new workout clothing (which makes me look, how shall I say, anatomically super-sized, if you know what I mean...not that nature didn't give the pants plenty to work with, mind you...but every little bit helps), grabbed my iPod and put my new "gym mix" on shuffle, and I was off.

After forty-five minutes, I finally decided to get off the machine before my legs turned to jelly. I probably shouldn't have gone quite that long on my first outing, but I found myself having a good time. I could watch the video screen on the machine, check out cute boys in spinning class across the studio, take fleeting glances of lithe young things doing sit-ups in the corner, or just zone out.

I also discovered that "Sk8tr Boi" by Avril Lavigne and "Defying Gravity" from Wicked (the final two minutes of the song, anyway) make for PERFECT elliptical/treadmill accompaniment. I can easily jog fast enough to maintain my maximum heart rate and keep rhythm with the music. Maybe it's the musician and former dancer in me, but I found it difficult to jog to music that didn't have the same tempo as my legs. The hunt will continue until I have a perfect workout songlist programmed!

Afterwards, as we made the wobbly-legged walk home, I was feeling particularly proud of my workout and how much I found myself actually enjoying the gym experience. Naturally, I felt that I deserved a reward. Some ice cream, naturally. It made sense, having burned off enough calories for two serving sizes during my time at the gym.

I'll just have to run for an hour and a half tonight since I actually ate four serving sizes.

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